Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Bali Food Famous With Tourists

Bali is definitely a haven for food lovers and those who loves to try new food :) Here's the list of 10 Bali Balinese food that is famous with travellers! Starting from #10...

#10 - Nasi Goreng
There are as many different ways of preparing Nasi Goreng in Bali, as there are cooks. The only main ingredient is rice; everything else is determined by the cook's taste or the availability of ingredients. Please be certain to use only cold rice, as warm rice will stick to the wok.

 #9 - Pesan Be Paseh
Balinese tweaked-version of a popular Javanese dish, Ikan Pepes. When banana leaves are not available, replace with greased aluminum foil. Small whole fish are often used in Bali instead of fillets cut from a large fish; just adjust the size of the banana leaf wrapping.

#8 - Bebek Betutu
The rich essence and flavor of duck is greatly enhanced by a host of pungent herbs and roots, and seasonings in this dish, which is invariably a great favorite with visitors to Bali. The Balinese have great admiration for the duck and consider it to be a particularly strong animal as it is, like the turtle, the only one able to survive on land as water.

#7 - Kambing Mekuah
Goat is more likely to be used than lamb in Bali to make this curry – like dish. This dish is a must-have dish for family festivals and gatherings. A hit with expats in Bali.

#6 - Nasi Kuning
Yellow is one of the four sacred colors makes this festive rice dish strikingly different from the normal, everyday steamed rice. The rice is cooked in lightly seasoned coconut milk and chicken stock for extra flavor, while the touch of oil in the coconut milk gives it a glistening appearance and keeps each grain separate.

 #5 - Sate Lilit Bebek
This is the "Duck version" of the famous "Sate". Duck meat is used hear instead of mutton or chicken. The delicate flavors of the duck is greatly improved if you can find spears of fresh lemongrass to use as skewers, and if you can cook them over a fire of coconut husks rather than charcoal.

#4 - Gedang Mekuah
Unripe papayas are often used as a vegetable in Bali. If these are not available, you can use summer squash or Chinese winter melon. This dish is normally served in every traditional Balinese family gatherings.

#3 - Rujak
This popular snack, in intriguing mixture of sweet, sour and spicy hot flavors, is prepared at countless warung throughout Bali.

#2 - Sate Lilit
Yes, SATE again! This probably the most delicious satay you will ever encounter. The delicate flavors of the shrimp and fish are greatly improved if you can find spears of fresh lemongrass to use as skewers, and if you can cook them over a fire of coconut husks rather than charcoal. Nonetheless, even with wooden skewers and a standard charcoal grill, you will have people coming back more.

  #1 - Babi Guling (Guling Celeng)
If there's just one dish that people remember after a visit to Bali, it's this famous delicacy, usually known by its Indonesian name, Babi Guling. Babi Guling is actually roasted pig which is marinated with pungent herbs and frozen for at least 1 day before it gets roasted!

Hehehe... so are you tempted to visit Bali and try the above-mentioned Balinese food? If you are coming to Bali soon, don't forget to read "Bali Travel Guide" for first-timers! It is a must read for Bali's first time visitors and travellers!

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Joanned said...

Hey Anastasia :)

I remember Bebek Betutu and Babi Guling most, besides the ever famous Indonesian Sate.

Your article really opened my eyes and made me realize that there's more to Balinese food then I've figured.

If possible, can you tell us the recipe for Bebek Betutu? Thanks!

Jasa Ijazah said...

Hey Joanned,

Thanks for the compliments and comment.

I'll post an article with the recipe you requested for soon! Check back soon alright.

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Anonymous said...

Hey (sorry i dont know your name)

your article got me salivating and i really cant wait to visit bali this november.

helen said...

Hey I love this article :)

Reminds me of the excellent foods in Bali!

I like sate and nasi goreng most...

Oz Babe said...

Babi Guling, Sate, Nasi Goreng, Babi Guling!! i got really addicted to them all :D hehehehe I miss bali so much my dear!!!

triyanto said...

ehm nasi goreng, i like this,but what different other nasi goreng?

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All of the dishes awesome. I wanna try to make my self.

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