Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Reason To Travel To Bali Durings It's Rainy Season

Bali is raining, so should you visit Bali?

 So it's the rainy season in Bali and I get alot of questions from friends and associates whether they should come to Bali during it's rainy season. Although the monsoon season have a bad reputation, trust me, and you'll be amazed at how fun it is to be in Bali during it's rainy period.

Here are 10 reasons why you should travel to Bali during it's monsoon season..

  1. It don't rain all day long: Normally it only rains in the early afternoons! You still have mornings, late afternoons and evenings to explore Bali! Even if it rains in the afternoon, it's OK to get unwind and get wet ain't it? Don't you miss playing in the rain while you are still a young kid?
  2. Better pictures: the lightnings with dramatic colour changes, dark stormy clouds - these are the known secrets for taking stunning photos which are way cooler than those with white clouds and blue skies!
  3. Cooler temperatures: in most of the Asian countries, the rain drops the mercury and it provides some sweet and much needed relief from the blazing heat! Come on, at most you may get wet, but you won’t be melting!
  4. Lesser crowds: you don’t always get a chance to feel alone in Asia. If space and fresh air is what you’re looking for, the rainy period is your only best bet for it.
  5. Better savings: Let the rain splash as much as it wants as long as it means lesser splashing of your cash! "Lesser demands for hotels and services" + "Fewer tourists" = CHEAP BALI HOLIDAY
  6. Greener greenery: every little cliché you’ve ever heard from fellow tourists and friends about the lush greens of the tropics is true! And you haven’t seen REAL GREEN TROPICS until you’ve seen the beautiful Bali greens in it's tropical monsoon season.
  7. Easier storm-chasing: Hehe.. there is actually no chasing of the storms to be done. Just get a spot somewhere dry with a good view. Let nature work her magic while you relax and watch the beautiful panorama of mother nature. I recommend the bars for that. Believe me, watching tropical storms with a glass of beer is really amazing and spectacular.
  8. More excuses to start a conversation: If you get caught in the rain and get stuck somewhere while the rain hits, you'll definitely won't be alone stucked in the rain. So why not make full use of it and start engaging in a conversation with the locals or even tourists. Starting with the weather is a good excuse to have a good conversation!
  9. Great excuse to really unwind and relax: There’s nothing like a bit of the tropical rain for an excuse to just relax and do nothing! Stay in your hotel, lie on the bed with your partner and just listen to the rain. You can also experience the rain better and watch it while sitting under a deck. Play Cards. Read or just sleep! Enjoy and really be on holiday! It's ok if you can't explore the tourists attractions for that day such as Pura Tanah Lot Temple, trust me you'll always have the chance to explore Bali.
  10. Sightings that make you smile: Just sit back and people-watch. Admire those who don’t let the rain ruin their lifestyles parade; school kids clad in plastic ponchos balancing umbrellas on their bicycles; hundreds of brollie-wielding pedestrians passing one another in the street without causing injury and definitely more!
So relax and don't worry about the rain alright? Bali is truly amazing even while it's raining. Lovely sights, cooler weather, lesser crowds, cheaper prices and more? Do you need anymore reassuring now? :)

Do you have your own opinion or reasons why you will visit Bali during it's rainy season? Do share your reasons and comments ok?


Anonymous said...

very good and useful i like

Sanur said...

Great Article. There are some really cheap flights to Denpasar in January.
The thing is whenever you visit Bali you’ll have a fabulous time - the warm welcomes and lush landscapes are the same year-round.

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