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Bali Balinese Culture


Bali's Balinese Culture Is Unique And Indigenously Rich

Bali is definitely the "Ultimate Island" in Indonesia that is rich in innate and native culture. It is in fact unique in it's own way and the Balinese have always been contented with the “now.” A Balinese will probably answer "Bali" if you were to ask what heaven is like. Yes, that's how contented and proud Balinese are about our homeland, Bali. We are always happy to be where we are from and proud of our roots and culture.

One constituent that cause our relaxed and easy-going lifestyle is our close-knitted family ties that is a basic foundation in our culture. In the Balinese culture, encouragement and support is always available from our family and friends. Balinese extended families are so tightly knitted that most of the family members are usually staying in the same complex and housing area.

In spite of the influx of tourists to the island, Bali and the Balinese have always maintained their culture and preserved it. Most Balinese is also an artist in their chosen "art" and "line". Yes, the Balinese culture have always encouraged us to be a "master" in any form or art. Be it dancing, music, painting or decor. Our parents and elders have passed on their skills to their younger generation, who at most time definitely have their own inclination either for music, painting, and more.

Hinduism is the our main religion. Bali's culture is actually sculpted and based on a form of Hinduism which is called “Hindu Dharma”. Hindu Dharma reached Bali during the eleventh century. Our lifestyle and character is normally influenced by this religion. The religious influence even expands widely into the arts, which makes Bali distinct from the rest of Indonesia. Dances, Music and paintings actually have their own history and meaning, always related to Hinduism. Although Balinese have adapted well to modern changes, we still stick to our religion and never fail to incorporate modern changes well into our religion without compromising it.

Another remarkable and applaudable part of Bali's culture is the many types of religious ceremony and rituals such as "Manusa Yadnya". This marks the different stages of Balinese life. Cremation is very popular on this island – and unlike in the West, death is a joyous and colorful event for the Balinese.

Bali has a definitely rich culture, making us distinctively different from the rest of the Indonesia.

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beli-ijazah said...

thanks for the information on balinese culture.

it's definitely a great eye-opener article and it'll definitely help me and other fellow tourists to Bali to fullu understand the Balinese culture before we visit Bali.

thanks once again!

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