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Bali Hotel - Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort

Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort, Kuta Bali

The Location: Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort is situated in Jl. Pantai Kuta, the main road along Kuta. For tourists arriving from Ngurah Rai Airport, the hotel is within 20 minutes. The location of Alam Kul Kul is directly behind Papas restaurant. For tourists who prefers close proximity to the beach, Alam Kul Kul is a great choice. It is also just stones away from Jl. Melasti and Jl. Legian, where you find great buys. Nightlife in the area is very good with the famous KamaSutra nightclub down the street, with Centrestage and Hard Rock Cafe at the bottom end of the beach road. Seminyak is just a convenient 5mins taxi-ride.

The Atmosphere:
The atmosphere is family-orientated and calm rather than a party scene. Great care has been taken to build a cozy and comfortable environment. It can be seen that the staffs really do their best in ensuring this from the clean, tranquil and elegant environment. The Alam Kul Kul definitely delivers more and better personal experience than some of the larger hotels. Japanese and Australian couples are known to prefer Alam Kul Kul rather than the larger hotels. Alam Kul Kul also have world-class spa facilities with soothing massages.

Staff Friendliness:
I'll say that the staffs are really polite, attentive and always sensitive to our needs. They will always be staffs standing to attention at the entrance of the Spa and Hotel itself. Restaurant servers seems friendly and relaxed while the housekeeping staffs always do what they're good at with great pride and service.

Luxury Scale:
Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort is a 4star boutique resort that offers a very compact, clean and well taken care of resort that really enable you to de-stress and unwind. The hotel's in-house restaurant is an award-winning restaurant with beautiful views of the beach. The spa and massage is also an award-winning spa which is Jamu Traditional Spa. There are 2 swimming pool and a complete Business Center. The resort have 80 rooms 4 categories of room with 3 types of villas. Rooms are all air-conditioned, comfortable spring beds with hot water, bath tub and cable TV. Wireless Internet is also installed and provided for free. The villas come with personal plunge pool and a sunken bath tub.

What makes this hotel special:
The Alam Kul Kul is special and unparalled because it offers a one-of-a-kind special environment with a 4-star luxury right on the beach of Kuta. It is also one of the rate hotels in Kuta that is family-oriented. Their signature, Papas restaurant is also the only Mediterranean restaurant on Kuta Beach.

Why would you want to stay here:
I would stay here if I wanted to be close to the beach, good shopping area and the famous Kuta nightlife with a tranquil hotel with spa facilities. It is definitely personal and peaceful. The Alam Kul Kul is great for older tourists, couples on honeymoon or just people who want to destress and relax!

How do the rooms feel:
The rooms are very clean and well looked after. Beds are large with elegant and nice-smelling quilts and covers. Plenty of Balinese and Javanese design elements ranging from natural roofs on the villas, to traditional crafts, furnitures, decoration and painting.

Noise levels:
Quiet and peaceful so you don't have to worry about annoying noises.

Proximity to the hotel:
Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort is located at the top end of Jl. Pantai Kuta across from the beach. To get to the hotel from the airport takes about 20 minutes depending on traffic. Along the street are nightlife places such as Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Hotel and Kama Sutra. There is also a 24 hours mini market called Circle K nearby. The Alam Kul Kul is situated very close to Kama Sutra and it's around the corners of Aussie friendly bars of Jl. Melasti such as Bali Rocks and Peanuts. They are within walking distance.

Overall, I'll recommend this hotel to everyone especially couples on honeymoon looking for a romantic and tranquil hotel. Love it and I'll surely stay in Alam Kul Kul again soon.

I've made my research across all the online travel agents, Alam Kul Kul room rates starts from USD $85 from which is the cheapest among all the online travel agents. You can also read more reviews and compare the rates here, AlamKulKul Reviews and Rates.

Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort Contact & Information:
Jalan Pantai Kuta, Legian, Bali - Indonesia
Tel. (62-361) 752520, Fax. (62-361) 766861

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Hey Anastasia,

I think you really have a good blog and I appreciate your passion for Bali and to promote it.

Keep it up!

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bali resorts said...

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Great post I appreciate your passion for Bali and to promote it.

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