Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing Bali

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Things have been really busy with me, and I've been spending alot of time out of Bali Indonesia and in Singapore. There were major reshuffling of talents managements, photo shoots, castings and hosting events between Singapore and Bali. I'm now still in Singapore and will only be back in Bali this monday. Hoping to spend enough time with Dad and Mum, and of course, my beloved cat, Hanzel when I'm back in Bali.

My adorable sister, Siska actually came to Singapore to actually accompany me, with my lovely nephew, Lucas. Such the adorable (and mischevious!) little one he is: he's all growned up, and he speaks really proficiently - so well that its quite scary for a 4 year old saying "Bats hunt for food using Echo-Lo-kay-shionnn". Get me? Heh :)

Just a little toss on what I've been doing to fill my time: Attended the Shout awards in Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia), I hosted the Chivas Regal Alexander McQueen Limited Edition bottle (Chivas Regal - without a doubt my most favourate alcohol :p), the opening of the new Park Hotel in Clarke Quay (Amaaaazing food), the launch of the new Honda Freed, did a cover photoshoot with Jovian Mandagie (superb local designer and dear friend of mine), helped plan the outline of a Fashion TV programme and I am trying to find the time to celebrate my birthday - my 28th birthday (jeez I'm about a quarter of a century old now)!

For sure, I'll be celebrating my birthday in my beloved hometown, BALI! I have friends flying in from Singapore, Perth, Sydney, and of course my favourite girls from Diva Models will be there too, but can you imagine trying to accomodate everyone (about 70 people) at my place in Nusa Dua? I know it's gonna be crazy but hey, my lovely friends volunteered to actually fly to Bali just for my birthday and I should be honoured ain't it :)

Gosh! I really can't believe that I'm turning 28? Time really flies! I recall the conversation I had with Julian(My ex-boyfriend in 2005) and how I promised myself that by the age of 28, I'll visit South America and go back-packing to Brazil and Argentina? I also remember how I told my mom and friends that 28 is the age I want to marry?

Non of the goals I set for myself by the time I turn 28, have been achieve! I was doing some reflection earlier on and came to realize that I've really procrastinated alot. Whenever I am reminded of my dream to get married and go back-packing in South America, I always tell myself "It's ok Anastasia, you can always do so later on so just focus on making money"!! And the interesting part, I was reading Fox Nomad's blog and came across an article - "Overcoming 7 Major Obstacles To Traveling The World – #7 You Will Travel The World…Later" from Fox Nomad and that article was talking about "PROCRASTINATION". That really made me realize(AGAIN!) how I've really procrastinated alot and how damaging it is towards my goals and dreams!

To quote Anil from Fox Nomad: "Fear, anxiety, comfort in your routine, all combine and instead of dealing with the cause of all of the obstacles you’ll do the easiest thing – procrastinate and make excuses."

That is so true! The thing about me is that, I came from a poor family and was raised with the idea "EARN MORE MONEY SO THAT YOU CAN EAT AND LIVE". I always prioritize work and money before anything else. I always have the mentality that once I'm rich then I'll pursue my dreams and marry. The environment I grew up in mould me into a workaholic. I need somebody to always remind me to take a break and travel. Now that I've made enough money, it's already a part of me, "to work, and work and work" and I still can't resist the temptation of signing on more deals for more dough. Argghhhhh.

Oh well, I should really stop ranting about this. I should just check myself into a mental hospital aye? Hehs. On a sidenote, I hope everyone is keeping well, we've passed the 3/4 mark of the year now, and lets move towards ending this year with a bang! :)


Celine said...

Hey darling!

Sorry that I just visited your new blog! It's awesome and you really am proud to be a Balinese ain't you?

Hope to see you this saturday alright. Keep yourself fit okayyyy :)

bearbear said...

tasia!!! just popping by to send my regards :P

Anil said...

It's hard to put procrastination behind you. Procrastination is sort of addictive, the more you do it the more you want to stop, but the harder it becomes!

Jasa Ijazah said...

Hey Anil,

I agree with you and the sad thing is procrastination have really been a part of me since I was in college? :(

To Celine -> Yes my dear :) looking forward to saturday's event too and then i'll be back in Bali again :D

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