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Bali Vacation Information Info Price Cost

Bali Travel Cost And Price Information

Accommodation in Bali:
Accomodation is very reasonably priced compared to other top tourist destinations around the world. Rooms in basic 2-star Bali hotels (perhaps US$20 or so in Bali) can easily compare with other country's accommodation which can cost e.g. in North California US$150 per night, and there they don't provide ANY service at all whereas this hotels in Bali do provide good service.

At the high end, the accommodation offered at the RITZ CARLTON BALI, Conrad Hotel Bali and BVLGARI BALI resort for instance can be US$100 - US$1200++ per night. At the new ST.REGIS BALI resort, 1-bedroom suites and villas are between US$950 and US$2,500++, and 2- ond 3-bedroom residences can be around US$5,000 and more but the same standard of accommodation would cost you somewere else still more.

Generally speaking, hotel rates in Bali range from about US$20 for a basic but clean, air-conditioned room with private bathroom and a small terrace to US$2,500 + 21% tax & service charge per day for beautiful Balinese 1-bedroom cottages and villas with private plunge pool set in a walled tropical garden and offering stunning views and polished 5-star service around the clock.

Private villa rental has become very popular in all parts of the world because it offers MUCH more space, personal service and better value than 5-star resorts. Prices for fully staffed villas in the Caribbean can be about two to three times higher than in Bali. In Europe, on the other hand, you pay only 30% to 50% more than in Bali, but then this is kind of a self-service vacation as in most countries NO STAFF is included.

The bottom line is that accommodation of any kind in Bali is still a great bargain, and in every category you get more than you pay for. You can read our HONEST REVIEWS OF BALI HOTELS here - Bali Hotel Reviews.

Transportation in Bali is always cheap by any standard. The metered radio taxis start with a flag fall of 5,000 rupiah (plus 4,500 Rupiah per kilometer), and most trips cost Rupiah 20,000 to 90,000. Most reliable and polite are the drivers of the blue taxis, and you should avoid most other taxis as they often refuse to use their meter and over-charge foreigners.

If you have an International Driver's License, you can rent bikes from Rp 55,000 to Rp 85,000 per day, and five to ten year old self-drive cars (Jimmy or Toyota "Kijang") cost from 250,000 Rupiah to 400,000 Rupiah per day. Newer models are more expensive, and luxury cars such as a Volvo limousine or a new Toyota "Land Cruiser" will cost US$150 to US$250 and more per day. Gasoline prices have been raised several times in the past, and Premium leaded gasoline is now 6,500 Rupiah per liter (as per August 28th, 2008).

Everywhere in tourist areas you'll be offered "transport, transport", and the rates are negotiable. However, the cars of many of these guys are quite old. Radio, tape and even the air-conditioning are often out of order. Although most drivers initially seem to be very friendly some are real con artists and waste hours of your precious vacation by bringing you to shops you never wished to visit because they want to earn a commission on your purchases.

Shopping in Bali can be cheap and it also can be expensive. If you shop in malls, definitely it'll be costly and around the international-standard prices. I actually recommend you guys to skip the shopping malls and visit "traditional markets" in Ubud, Denpasar, Sukawati, Tegalalang and etc. It may cost you only Rp 10,000 for a beautiful painting to Rp 50,000 for an exquisite Balinese Fabric. For more information, you can read my guide on Shopping In Bali.

Food and drink at Bali's top hotels cost about the same as in the same category of hotel anywhere else in the world. Breakfast is US$8 to US$45, lunch and dinner US$20 to US$100 and more per person – and that does not include any wine which can be very expensive. On the other hand, restaurants outside the large hotels are often 40% or 50% cheaper, and at the open food stalls you can still get a tasty meal for a few thousand Rupiah.

If you've rented a private villa for your stay in Bali, your house staff will do the shopping at the local "warungs" and supermarkets and prepare delicious meals according to your instructions. Your savings on food and beverage will be about US$40 to US$60 per person per day compared to what you'd spend in a good hotel. This way you can enjoy delicious meals and all your favorite snacks and drinks – at unbelievably low prices.

I really recommend you guys to try the local Balinese food such as Babi Guling, Kambing Mekuah and Sate. Trust me, you'll be hooked to them as much as my friends got hooked to Bali cuisine. For more information, you can read here at Bali Food Famous With Tourists.

So what do you think? Do you have any comment on the expense and cost of travelling in Bali? Do share it with me alright!


Christine said...

Great guide as usual. Keep it up and thanks for being such a great help. I'll be visiting Bali in January 2009 and your articles are really useful definitely. Regards fro Netherlands.

oz babe said...

i agree.. bali can be really cheap if you know how to bargain and be thrifty. especially, on food and accomodation, there are splendid and comfortable hotels which are really cheap

Helen said...

Yes Bali is cheap.. but it's the flight to Bali that isn't cheap :p

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm from Melbourne.. do you have any recommendation on cheap flights to Bali?

Do email me at alright


Anonymous said...

I loved bali.I wished it shouldnot be that much far far away to turkey.but one day.Who knows?

kaareem9 said...

You could book one set of hotel Accommodationin Bali for half your holiday and another for the other half and move during your trip or you could Book just one night of Hotel Accommodation Bali and then personally check rooms and establishments face to face to make your decision.

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