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Aston Bali Resort and Spa

Aston Bali Resort and Spa - Nusa Dua, Bali

Bali Hotel Review -  In Aston Bali Resort and Spa, tourists are treated to a different kind of resort experience. A wide variety of activities are offered within the resort grounds to make up for the lack of entertainment and nightlife around Nusa Dua, where the hotel is located. - Pack full of the best deals

Aston Bali Resort and Spa is situated  exactly at Tanjung Benoa, Bali , one of the island's prestigious private beaches. Unfortunately, the resort is reasonably far-flung from all the happenings and entertainment due to its remote location. This particular resort caters to guests who are looking for a holiday away from racket of Bali 's infamous shopping and entertainment district. To make sure that guests don't go bored out of their mind, many alternative activities are available to them. The beauty of Aston Bali comes from its beach side. It is isolated which gives it a sort of calmness and a charm that takes one's breath away. Many deck chairs are placed along the beach and because of its privacy, it is a perfect environment for sun bathing, nude or otherwise.

The service staff at Aston Resort and Spa are friendly, but they do seem few and far between. The objective is not to smother the guests but to be attentive without being intrusive. It is somewhat refreshing to be able to scour the grounds without someone constantly breathing down your neck. Nonetheless, they are always willing to help and always wearing smiles as well.

The resort have its own spa called "Binwana Spa" which is the perfect retreat for those looking to be pampered from head to toe. The spa offers a myriad of body and facial treatments that are carefully designed to relieve stress and improve overall well being. The spa is fashioned after a traditional Javanese palace but includes many bright colours to lighten up the mood. Private rooms are available but if you're not the shy type, I suggest the outdoor beds where you can enjoy the fresh air and the sunlight.

The main focus of all activities at Aston Bali is the swimming pool area. Activities such as aqua aerobics, water polo, diving lessons and many more are available at no extra charge. The trainers are all professionally trained and the activities have been designed in such a way that it is a fun learning experience for all. If you prefer to just bask in the sun to get that golden tan, there are many comfortable deck chairs around the pool and along the beach side. Games and quizzes are conducted sporadically where beer, cocktails and other prizes await the guests. Other water sport activities such as Jet Ski, banana boat, parasailing and such are offered along the beach side. Not many people go on holiday just to find themselves cooped up in a gym which probably explains the lack of activity at Aston's gym. In any case, the gym is open to all guests who are looking to pump some iron before going for a night out or lose some calories after a big meal. Speaking of which, a themed buffet is offered every night by the poolside but it comes with a price. Themes vary from European to Asian to good ol' Western but don't worry, it's just the food that goes with the theme and guests are not expected to show up in costumes.

Aston Bali Resort and Spa prides itself with its multitude of activities, many of which are not offered at other resorts. These activities bring the guests and the staff closer together and you'll find yourself making many friends along the way. Although the facilities might not be top of the line, they are still present and the activities offered are fun and interesting. It is these things that make you fall in love with Aston and the astonishing people who make it happen.

Upon entering the hotel, it's hard not to notice the traditional Javanese architecture. The entire hotel is designed to resemble that of an ancient Javanese Palace . But alas, this 10-year old resort is considered a senior compared to many of the newer resorts and to keep up with the times, many of the rooms have been upgraded to provide more comfort and convenience to its guests. Such a contrast usually ends up with an awkward blend but in this case, it is tastefully done with both the ancient and modern style complimenting each other.

Although its location might be away from Bali 's thriving nightlife, the beauty and serenity of its beach side makes up for it. Its accommodation isn't exactly 5-star material but the rooms are large enough to fit the entire Von Trapp family. The environment is conducive for business or pleasure and for both couples and families and the wide range of activities caters to individuals of all ages. Aston Bali Resort & Spa might not be as elegant and prestigious as the other 5* hotels such as Conrad Hotel Bali that surround it but it offers a different kind of holiday experience and it is attractive and special in it's own way. It is also considered cheap for a 5* hotel going at only USD $78 a night for deluxe room from HotelsCombined (Published rate is at USD $130). You can also compare all the rates for Aston Bali Resort and Spa and other Bali hotels here - Cheapest Bali Hotels Guaranteed or Money Back.

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