Friday, August 14, 2009

Bali Crisis Care Foundation

Balinese | Anastasia have been busy volunteering for Crisis Care Foundation

Greetings to my faithful blog readers. It's been awhile since I've been volunteering at Crisis Care Foundation and I've always wanted to write about it but my memory always fails me :( So here I am sharing my experience regarding Crisis Care Foundation.

It was almost 2 years back.. When I was in Lovina Beach, Bali with my beloved parents when I actually get to know about CCF and was introduced to my mentor, Gloria Goodwin, who inspired me to spare my time for the less fortunate :)

That experience was really a turning point for me which really opened up my eyes. Before, I used to be such a spoilt brat! and this experience really woke me up and made me realized that I am so PRIVILEGED to have what I already have.. I work with kids who literally don't even know who their parents are.. Senior citizens who are already lacking on health and really needs help walking, moving around or even to EAT! I cried on few occassions.. cried because I'm sad and ashamed when I think about what a SPOILT BRAT I WAS BACK THEN and also to see how this young kids suffering at such a tender age..

Ahh.. I'll just cut it short and tell you guys more about CCF alright? ;)

About Crisis Care Foundation

To tell you a little of what we do, we have been operating Crisis care for nine years now and started in a small room behind a restaurant in the village of Candi Dasa on the east coast of Bali. Having been to Bali as a tourist in 1995 and with a background in Social Services in Australia and the UK, it was impossible for me to ignore the plight of the Balinese people. I traveled the countryside of beautiful Bali and found that there was another side of the island that tourists seldom see. The side that hides poverty and sickness, lack of health facilities, education and medical aid for the poor.

It started with a first aid box and has now grown into a busy clinic in the village of Kaliasem near Lovina in the north of the Island. Our staff includes a Balinese Doctor who is a very competent and well trained woman with insight and compassion for her people. We also have a midwife, again Balinese who lives in a very poor village to the north of here. She is the most caring midwife I have ever found in Bali and with her gentle temperament, expertise and dedication she delivers babies and offers pre and post natal care to hundreds of local women. Our welfare worker who also doubles as a nursing aide is a very special local woman with excellent interaction skills and training in trauma counseling and support. Then there is a security guard/driver/handyman who keeps us all safe and secure wherever we may go. A house cleaner looks after the chores of the clinic. We all get along like one big family and work together as cogs in a wheel.

Currently we need quite a number of donors who are willing to help out or even just volunteers who are willing to donate their time and effort :) Do email me or leave me a comment if you're interested to help out alright :)


Dea Bianglala said...

kemiskinan seharusnya di berantas. not only in indonesia. very touching....

Anonymous said...

Candidasa is a tranquil beach town in the Samuh Bugbug Village. It is only 12 Kilometers from the main town of Amlapura in Karangasem. Candidasa was once called Teluk Kehen or Kehen Bay

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